Amplifier Repair Specialists

You can trust Resonance to provide prompt and reliable amplifier repair service on several makes and models of car/mobile audio amplifiers. Our team of highly experienced technicians has the ability to work on anything from high end multichannel sound quality amplifiers to mega wattage monoblock sub amps.

Amplifier Repair Service FAQs

  • Which amplifiers can be repaired? We can repair most Class A/B and Class D half bridge amplifiers. Repairability is subject to parts availability.
  • How long does the amplifier repair service take? Repair times vary depending on parts availability and service demand, but generally expect a 2-3 week turnaround.
  • How much does amplifier repair service cost? Repairs can range from $75 to $700 depending on the amplifier and its level of damage, but are generally around $150-$250. This includes return shipping.
  • Is there a warranty? We guarantee all amplifiers are fully QC tested, twice, before being returned to the owner, but under rare circumstances issues will present themselves post QC. For these instances there is a 30 day warranty on repairs made. Failures after the repair  not directly related to the repairs made, will not be covered under warranty.

Filling out this form will initiate a repair request. To avoid wasted time and money
DO NOT ship your amplifier to us until you get a response authorizing the repair.